Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Sexy Bedtime Ageplay Stories

Lissa in Little Girl Pajamas

Do you like bedtime stories?

Especially bedtime stories about naughty little girls who like to do sexy big girl things?

I could tell you how I love to be Daddy's little Princess and dress up especially for him and sit on his lap as he tells me what a big girl I'm becoming.

When I do that Daddy gets big too. giggle

I bet we could think of some really sexy stories and games to play before bedtime! Fun agelay fantasy stories. Daddy fuck me stories. Oh, even ageplay incest fantasies.

I bet we could have so much fun!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Schoolgirl Fantasy Phone Sex

Back to school.

"Do your homework"

But how can I concentrate on my homework when all I can think about is my new teacher?

I got caught passing a note to my bff and he saw what I said about him! How I couldn't stop staring at the bulge in his pants! He just smiled at me and I think the bulge got a little bigger.

Now I'm supposed to be doing my homework but I just can't stop thinking about what teacher can teach me. What I'd like him to teach me.

If I were naughty I think he might keep me after class. I imagine myself sitting right in front of his desk and maybe just slide my fingers down the front of my panties. I imagine him watching me. That bulge getting bigger and bigger until he just walks over to me and tells me what a bad girl I've been while he unzips and pulls that cock out.

I want to show him what naughty girls do! First just touching my tongue to the tip while I play with my little wet pussy faster. Then he'd put his hand on the back of my hair and pull me onto him as I put my knees up and kneel in my desk. Feeling him lift my shirt and my hard little girl titties brush the cool desk. Pushing into my mouth harder and faster while he pulls down my panties and smacks my little ass. Oh it hurts so good! And then he'll slide a long finger into my little girl pussy making me squirt while he shoots his hot cum into my mouth.

Oh that's the way school should really be!

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Teach me to suck cock

I found a great big purple cock in my sisters room!

First I tried to put it in my pussy, but it wouldn't go in no matter how hard I tried!

I've been practicing and practicing sucking it like I've seen my sister sucking her boyfriend.

I like to watch! She makes all sorts of slurpy noises, but not as many noises as her boyfriend does. giggle

I want to learn to be a good cocksucker just like her, and I like doing it too! Especially when I put the little one I found in my pussy at the same time.

Can you teach a little girl how to be a good cocksucker?

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Underage Role Play Phone Sex

Don't you want to have ageplay phone sex with me? You can pull down my sweet cotton panties and make me show you my little bald pussy. Slide you fingers in and smell my little underage pussy. I love it when you lick my little girl cunny, then rub your big dick over my bald slit. You want to make me your little girl slut, don't you? Call and role play with me!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Daddy/Daughter incest phonesex

Are you looking for a naughty phone sex girl to play Daddy's little girl incest roleplay with? You've found her!
I love taboo incest phone sex and family incest fun. Like maybe Daddy catches his little girl playing with her tiny wet pussy, or I can catch Daddy sniffing my little girl panties. Hmm maybe Daddy likes to babysit while I have my little friends over for a slumber party? There's all sorts of naughty games we can play.
So if you think incest fantasy roleplay sound fun and would like to give this very taboo fantasy a try call me!
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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Kissing Cousins Phone Sex

Oh I did a great underage phone sex fantasy today. I told him how I loved to stay with my aunt who had lots of rowdy, and horny boys. 10 of them to be exact. One was a little younger than me and the rest were my age or older.

Me, being the only naughty little girl there, got LOTS of attention.

My aunt had a big house with an attic and there was an old mattress up there to, um play on. *giggles*

We would play truth or dare, and spin the bottle, but the way we played is you didn't kiss, you had to do anything the others told you to do. *giggles* Like, show my little wet pussy, or lick his cock, or, well, you get the idea.

Want to hear more incest stories? Then call me, silly!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Young Nude Models Phone Sex

I love the roleplay where the naughty man talks his little models out of their clothes, then fucks that nude teen right in front of the cameras.

Maybe even blackmail me by threatening to show the naked pics to my parents.

Oh please don't show them! I'll do anything! ;)